I'm Alive
Thriller series with supernatural tinges, starring Javier Gutiérrez, Roberto Álamo and Anna Castillo.

Down Below
The comedy series revolves around Iñaki, Basque who has never left the Basque Country and is forced to accompany his mother to Seville, where he will meet Carmen, an attractive Sevillian nurse.

Alex, a reputed surgeon, leads a normal life until he has a heart attack and gets a heart transplant as a consequence. From that moment onwards, he will start having strange nightmares about the murder o his heart donor.

Six Sisters
Six sisters will have to struggle together to take care of their family, while challenging the social conventions of the time.

Night and Day
We all have a dark side.

Locked Up
Macarena will find in prison a new and toughter version of herself after misappropiating funds for love.

The Waiting List
All that revolves around the heroic act of organ donation.

Once I Loved You
Rivalry between two wine-producing families.

Olmos & Robles
Forced to work together, they are polar opposites but they make a fantastic team.

Pepe’s Beach Bar
An unwanted burden for a famous chef will be a personal and professional odyssey.

Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh is a comedy that explores the everyday lives of the workers onboard a Mediterranean cruise ship.

B&B Magazine
B&B Magazine is a professional drama set at the news room of a weekly magazine.

The Manor House
“The Manor House” is a gripping series which follows the story of three generations of the Valentas, a wealthy family that came into a fortune during World War I. Set in the twenties in Prague, with exceptional shooting locations and a high production value, the series is a unique blend of genres, from family saga to mystery, love and crime investigation.

Black Forest
Black Forest is a thriller set into a small town that depends on the exploitation of a forest for timber, where two families, the Soutelo and the Fiúza, compete to control the market. The gentle rhythm of the town is thrown into disarray when Monica Triáns, a young woman from the town, is found dead.

The Lighthouse
The Peña family have been running a modest restaurant, The Lighthouse, for decades. But their lives will change dramatically when they cross paths with the Muñoz family, who are interested in acquiring the restaurant for an ambitious urban plan.

The Red Eagle
Adventure, mystery, palace intrigues and love, all come together in a series for the whole family set in the so called Spanish Golden Age.

A judge arrives in a remote town Calenda, with her rebellious teenage daughter. A horrifying series of events lead the judge and the police to start an investigation.

The Boat
A global catastrophe provokes a cataclysm that causes the Earth as we know it to disappear. With the planet under water the crew and student passengers aboard this scholar ship seem to be the only survivors.

The Vineyard Secrets
"The Vineyard Secrets" is set in the 60's. Like the region in which is takes place-Spain's Rioja- the show revolves entirely around wine.

"Vintage" tells the story of two wine-producing families. Their peaceful lives are disrupted when the eldest son of the Cortázar family, Miguel, is nearly murdered.

“Aída” is a sitcom shot in front of a live audience that portrays the hardships of a middle-aged divorcée as she struggles to support her family.

The Boarding School
The Boarding School is a story of human interaction, ambitions, power struggles and difficult relationships that takes place at an isolated boarding school.

In Countdown, judiciary police officers must solve cases of the utmost seriousness.

Countdown - The Hunting Begins
Enthralling cases in a real life everyday situations with an unmistakable storytelling structure that make the series appealing to a wide audience.

Four Doors
Sebas is a municipal cop, happily married and has two kids. The day of his twentieth wedding anniversary, his wife tells him there’s another man and kicks him out of the house.

Lolita Cabaret
In the Lolita Cabaret a group of artists, musicians, dancers and comedians all live together with one dream in common: to return the old theatre to its glorious past.

“Gominolas” is a comedy filled with harsh, caustic humor that tells the story of a group of thirtysomethings that, as children, achieved fame as a musical band.

What Ever Happened to Jorge Sanz?
After nearly two decades on top, Jorge Sanz is negotiating a rough spot in his career.

“LEX” is an innovative dramedy about the day-to-day lives of a team of brilliant, ambitious lawyers.

My Lovely Neighbors
A very modest family suddenly strikes it rich, leaving their old neighborhood behind to move into a posh house in an upper-class development.

One Step Forward
“One Step Forward” follows the lives of a group of young adults, of various regions and social status, who enter a boarding school of the arts.

Paco's Men
The professional and personal lives of a very “original” police unit.

Scarlet Shore
Two teenagers have disappeared in Scarlet Shore, a small and peaceful town on the coast.

The Serranos
When Diego and Lucia join their lives, they also join their families, setting up a new home that will bring incredible stories.

7 Lives
7 Lives is a sitcom shot in front of a live audience that deals with the everyday life of a thirtysomething group of neighbors.

This is a daily series set in a private school designed to ensure professional success that narrates the lives of a group of rich, posh and young adults whose world is shaken up by the arrival of a new classmate, fresh out of a reform school.

An intergalactic family from planet Oluk Xramta gets lost during a family vacation and is forced to make an emergency landing on Earth.

Teacher Gossip
Original sitcom where a fixed camera will show the hilarious situations faced by a group of high school teachers.