Ermessenda of Carcassone, governed for 60 years, in the 11th century, at a time when the Catalan nation was being forged in fire and blood.

Andorra, between the snowstorm and the Gestapo
Andorra during World War II was used as a passage for the "chains of evasion" organised by the French resistance.

Eleventh century. Arnau, a noble Christian, is captured by the Sarracenes.

In the heart of the ocean
The story is set in the 16th Century. King Charles I of Spain is concerned about the increasing level of miscegenation in the Americas.

Memory of water
This TV movie tells the story of La Isabela, a spa in the twenties which became one of the most visited by the Spanish aristocracy of the time.

Closed Rooms
The Lax family is one of the most distinguished dinasty of the bourgeoisie of Barcelona, but it keeps a secret.