Science is always a step ahead and Tesla! Want to be a window towards the knowledge, so we think that the best way to get it could be through entertainment.

Angels Inc.
When Carlos dies and goes to heaven, he finds out that due to an administration mistake, his daughter Maria Isabel has never had a guardian angel.

Carlitos and the chance of a lifetime English
Carlitos, a 12 years old orphan boy, has two dreams in life: to find a welcoming family and become a football player.

What Are Bears For?
Alejandro and Guillermo are two brothers who have dedicated their lives to science. Guillermo is a biologist who has lost his faith. Alejandro is a zoologist who has nothing but faith. The two brothers have spent so long trying to save the planet they’ve forgotten what matters most: doing it together.

Kids will discover how the world is made through videos and experiments at the set.

Fish & Chips
FISH & CHIPS is a game show that stimulates English language learning in children through games and music.

This enchanting family series is based on Quino’s famous character. Mafalda is a little girl who faces reality with a child’s naivety and tenderness.